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“What Happens to Facebook After I Die” and Other Social Media Questions Answered

Whether you’re a big fan of social media or a reluctant participant, it’s hard to avoid having at least one active account these days. Luckily, you can share as little or as much as you want- it’s under your control. So what happens to all of your social media profiles… Read More

Affordable Funeral Services And Beyond- The Future of Funerals

Gone are the days where every family wants a traditional service (and has to deal with a traditional price tag.) Now, funerals can be as unique as the person they’re honouring. So where does the future of funeral services lie? Short of getting our hands on a crystal ball, it’s… Read More

Learning To Die: BJ Miller’s End Of Life Philosophy

B.J. Miller’s unique approach to death and dying begins with an accident that cost him three limbs. After a party in 1990, he and a few friends scaled a parked commuter train where he was hit with 11,000 volts from an overhead power line. He suffered extensive burns and hovered… Read More

10 Songs That Are Perfect For A Funeral

Gone are the days where funerals were set exclusively to sombre dirges. With the increasing number of people choosing to customize every step of the service, music plays a big role in telling the story of a person’s life. Whether you’re thinking about preplanning and want to cover all the… Read More

What Most Funeral Directors Won’t Tell You: How To Protect Yourself Against Unfair Sales Practices

Losing a loved one means a lot of complicated emotions. The last thing that grieving families need is the additional stress that can come with arranging a funeral service. At Basic Funerals, we guarantee transparency and firmly reject the ‘upselling’ approach. In order to help you understand how to… Read More

You Asked, We Listened

As Ontario’s leading affordable funeral service provider, we have had the privilege of assisting thousands of families over the last several years. We take pride in honouring the wishes of the families that we serve and recognize that this business is about them, not us. So, when we… Read More

5 Controversial Funeral Industry Moves

John St’s “Text And Drive” Billboard Drivers motoring along Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway were taken aback when a funeral home erected a billboard advising them to text and drive. Indignant commuters were quick to visit Wathan Funeral Home’s website where they found the following message: If you’re here, you’ve… Read More

Basic Funerals Introduces AIR MILES® Reward Program

Basic Funerals now offers AIR MILES® Reward Miles Basic Funerals is now a proud AIR MILES® Promotional Partner. We believe in giving the families that we serve caring, compassionate, and professional service and want to thank them for their trust. AIR MILES® Rewards Program was introduced in Canada in 1992… Read More

The Final Ride: A Brief History of the Funeral Coach

We’ve all seen funeral coaches (that’s industry-speak for ‘hearse’) navigate their way to the cemetery but what do we really know about these souped up station wagons? From their super simple roots to the latest in funeral livery, we cover the spectrum. The Bier The earliest funeral coaches weren’t… Read More

Why You Need a Will: The Millennial’s Guide to Planning Ahead

So you might not have a house, car, 2.5 kids, or a diverse investment portfolio. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your affairs in order. Being an adult is more than paying bills on time and getting to make executive decisions like whether or not to have just wine for… Read More

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