Repatriation: How Covid-19 is Keeping Us From Home

Repatriation: How Covid-19 is Keeping Us From Home

The long-lasting Covid-19 pandemic still has an impact on how the death industry is able to conduct services. Funeral and memorial services are still limited to small groups of 10 attendees and burials are to happen as soon as possible. Many funeral providers have also implemented new schedules and procedures to keep their communities safe which has forced staff to adapt to a great deal of change in a short period of time.

Repatriation Gravely Impacted by the Pandemic

In addition to services and arrangements, repatriation has been gravely affected by the pandemic. Over the course of any given year, many funeral homes assist families in making arrangements to have the remains of their loved ones return to their home country for burial. Over the last few months it has not been easily feasible for this type of service to occur.

Transportation of Deceased Under Strict Regulation 

Airline and federal authorities have strict regulations in place to ensure that the transportation of deceased persons can only be conducted by recognized providers. Coordinating these arrangements observe very rigid guidelines and are extremely time-consuming. A lot of people put a lot of work into making these arrangements happen.

Accessibility to Flights Biggest Obstacle to Repatriation

The most prominent obstacle right now in regards to organizing a repatriation is the access to flights. Airlines are cancelling flights daily. When there is a flight available, it tends to be a smaller plane that is not able to accommodate casket-sized cargo in addition to passenger luggage. Families can certainly ask for a status update to a desired airport and receiving funeral home anywhere in the world, and we will do our best to coordinate details with a trusted, accessible airline.

Cremation is a Viable Alternative

The current lack of available flights is not the only obstacle. During this state of emergency, the government has mandated that we are not to delay interments, removing repatriation of a deceased person as a viable option. Cremation with repatriation is an alternative option and does lend itself more flexibility in regards to timing and shipping options.

Burials Are Reversible

If cremation is not an option for families due to personal beliefs, we can always arrange to have their departed buried here in Ontario within the mandated timeframes. Although this may not be the ideal solution, burial is reversible. Once repatriation is feasible again, the family can arrange for a disinterment and we could help pursue the repatriation of a deceased person when flights become available once again. We invite you to contact our team of experts for more information about repatriation and other funeral-related services by calling 1-877-229-7077.