Final Resting Place: Cremation Jewelry

At Basic Funerals, we are proud to provide the families that we serve with a selection of cremation jewelry. You can choose to lay the majority of the cremated remains to rest in one place while keeping a small portion for jewelry or divide them to use in several pieces.

Our range of cremation jewelry includes the following options for you to choose from

Choosing Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry goes a long way in providing comfort for grieving family members. Knowing that you have your loved one close to you at all times offers solace during a difficult time. A benefit to choosing cremation jewelry is that you can decide how much (or little) of the cremated remains you'd like to set aside, meaning that you're welcome to keep some to wear and inter or inurn the rest.

For more information on choosing cremation jewelry as a part of your loved one's final resting place plans, contact us at Basic Funerals today.

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