Our Cremation & Funeral Arrangement Team: Shelby


Funeral Arranger

Shelby has been a part of the Basic team since 2013. Working with Basic is her first experience within the funeral industry. She applied for an internship looking for experience she wouldn’t find anywhere else, “I definitely found it”. Shelby’s favourite part about working with Basic is the staff. “Everyone cares so much and provides so much support. They’re always bending over backwards to make sure things get done.” Shelby also loves the variety “My role is constantly evolving. It’s a fast paced office I’m proud to be a part of.”

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself (brief bio- interests, anything you'd like to include)

A: I started out working in customer service at a real estate brokerage and applied to college for administration. My primary interests are literature and media (film, television, video games), really anything that conveys any semblance of story and character is something I'm willing to take a crack at. I am also in the process of learning a second language and enjoy writing, baking, and knitting.

Q: What is your role at Basic Funerals?

A: Administrative Assistant: I answer calls, schedule items, order stock, process paperwork, and meet with families.

Q: How did you end up in this position?

A: I had a couple of different options for internship positions when I was obtaining my administrative diploma. I ultimately chose the funeral home because it seemed to be the position where I would learn the most. I learned more in my first year than I learned in five years working with RE/MAX. It was the best decision I could have made at the time.

Q: What is an average day for you?

A: The first few minutes of the morning are spent addressing overnight requests, voice mails and emails, and then prioritizing the current daily tasks. Once that timeline is established, I review upcoming services and ensure that all of the outstanding items are addressed and confirmed. The second half of the day is spent assessing outstanding paperwork, invoicing, and confirming the statuses of our cases with the crematorium representatives. These tasks are all balanced with handling incoming calls and emails throughout the day. The last couple of hours of my day are generally dedicated to closing files and archiving them once the arrangements for each client has been completed.

Q: What is your favourite part of your job?

A: Working in an industry that actively helps people with something necessary, my coworkers, the clients, and the challenges. Truly, every day is different. It's a fantastic position that I'm lucky to have.

No Pressure. We all say it, but we say it because it's true. We want families to get what they need. It's nice knowing that they are the main focus here.

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