Cremation & Funeral Options: Final Viewing Pricing

Final Viewing with Cremation

When choosing to plan a final viewing prior to cremation, you and your group will be arranging for 30-minutes in a quiet space with your loved one. The funeral director will escort you into the venue where the chosen casket is located, providing you the time you need to say your goodbyes and pay final respects. The funeral director can also help you place meaningful items into the casket to be included for cremation. Handwritten notes, photos, or flowers are just some ideas.

The cremation will typically take place at a later date, unless arrangements have been made ahead of time to witness the cremation.

final viewing cremation casket

Final cost for a Final Viewing typically starts at $3,300 – $3,406 depending on your location. Please phone our staff or fill out a Quote Request for an exact amount.


Standard Services

Professional Arrangement
Transfer from Place of Death (24/7 if required)
Additional Staff for Transfer (if required)
Facilities for care of deceased
Coordination of Documents
Removal of Pacemaker (if required)
Transfer to Crematorium
Pre Filled CPP Forms
Online Obituary

Additional Information

Proof of Death Certificates 10
Executor Services (recommended) +$395

Additional Items for Final Viewing

Staff for Final Viewing
Chapel Fee
Viewing Tray
Alternative Preparation

Disbursements and Taxes

Death Registration
Coroner’s Certificate
Cremation Fee