Planning funeral and cremation arrangements can be a difficult time for any family. It's important to make an effort to make informed decisions about the venues and locations available to you. At Basic Funerals we do our best to provide this information to all of our families, no matter where they are located. Below we offer all of the information we have compiled to assist the families from the Brampton area.

Service Locations in Brampton

Basic Funerals has various contacts that are convenient to families in the Brampton area, such as:

  • Crematoriums
  • Memorial venues
  • Cemeteries
  • Funeral chapels

With this knowledge, you will be able to rest assured your loved one will find their final resting place.

immediate need phone call Brampton

Getting guidance and immediate need

Many families will want to act quickly when a passing occurs, but it is important to allow that grief can make this a difficult task. We at Basic Funerals always do our best to accommodate for this trying and often confusing period and offer valuable immediate need assistance.

Brampton short term funeral arrangement

Short term arrangements

The idea of short term arrangement can be uncomfortable for some, however, it can be helpful for your family moving forward to discuss what arrangements are necessary. This will help your family vastly by giving them support as everyone prepares for your passing, especially if you have reason to believe the passing may be imminent.

long term planning prearrangement Brampton

Long term planning

Although this is similar to short term arrangement, the long term planning option offers you slightly more time to plan your funeral as well as more flexible payment options if you wish to prepay. This can reduce stress on your loved ones and should be a serious consideration for all of us.

Allow Basic Funerals to help you with any questions you may have about long term planning. We are a highly skilled team and pride ourselves in our efficiency as well as empathy. Contact us today for more information.

If you stay in Brampton and find yourself searching for a funeral venue due to the sudden passing of a loved one, but just don’t know where to look, fear not. Basic Funerals is a well-established funeral home who is always here to help. Amongst the various services we offer, helping you locate your ultimate funeral as well as burial venue is on the list.

  • Very clear, rapid online service selection and quotation. Final fee was exactly as quoted. A funeral director was always on call when we had questions. Very professional services rendered with utmost respect for the family and my dear mother. Your condolences web site is amazing, and a great way to communicate about the life of my mother and to share the memories of her friends.
    Ross D
  • All questions and concerns were addressed promptly. Staff were efficient, caring and professional. The company was very flexible with the services that they provided or that we contracted for elsewhere.
    Charles S
  • We liked the prompt, courteous and professional advice received from our funeral advisor from Basic Funerals. She was very helpful with all our questions and very professional in all the dealings we had with her. We had our mother's remains back within a few days and everyone was very helpful.
    Rosemarie M
  • I found each employee very professional, helpful & compassionate during a sad & stressful time. Although price was not my only criteria, I found Basic Funerals extremely reasonable.
    Rae Z
  • I liked the ease with which I could make the arrangements, the prompt professional response and the clarity of the pricing regime. I also appreciated the quality and service of the Cemetery you contracted with.
    Sig W
  • I appreciated being able to make all the arrangements without having to leave my home. I did everything online. It was an easy process.
    Carolyn F
  • All of the staff I'd spoken with, by phone or email were very accommodating, understanding and professional.
    Leon D
  • From my initial phone call I felt confident that all my needs and concerns would be handled. Even though I spoke to several different people everyone was very professional and put me at ease at this very difficult time. All my requests were looked after and the customer service was outstanding. Thank you all so much for being there for me every time I needed something.
    Marie F
  • We were so glad that we preregistered both of my parents in advance, so that when the time came, only a phone call was required to put our plans into action. Your kind, helpful staff responded immediately. Someone always answered the phone at any hour to field our many questions. Everything was taken care of for us quickly (and effortlessly on our part)... even government forms and plenty of Death Certificates supplied. We were extremely pleased!
  • Person I dealt with was clear and provided all information. She was sympathetic acknowledging this difficult time but professional and dealt with the task at hand. This made me feel comfortable leaving my loved one in your hands.
    Ann M
  • Pay Yourself First - ... I wanted to help her avoid the whole funeral home upselling, the time when people use your grief to make you feel guilty for not getting the $10,000 casket. So yesterday, I went online and arranged Bob's funeral. I couldn't be happier. You just go onto the site and fill out the form ... read more
    Rose Simpson, Ottawa
  • Your service was very efficient and cost effective for my needs. All staff were professional, caring and always prompt in answering all my questions. Everything from the hospital to the cremation was a streamlined process that did not require me to travel to various locations in the City. The service was exactly what I needed in dealing with my husband's death.
    Renate R
  • It was convenient, easy, no stress and the price was better than any other place. All the staff we dealt with were kind and compassionate. They were so efficient and I would recommend this to anyone
    Josie E
  • A sudden death is always the most stressful experience that can happen to anyone especially when it is one's spouse. I could not have expected more, you were expeditious, courteous and kind and I cannot thank you enough for the attention that you gave to me, it took a load off my shoulders. Very professional
    John S
  • Basic funerals provided excellent service at the time of our great loss and sorrow there was no pressure. The whole family found the experience very comforting We were so pleased with the lovely St James chapel and the staff were gentle and sensitive. Many of our friends and relatives have inquired about how we found you I would certainly recommend Basic Funerals. Thank you
    Margaret L
  • I was in the US when the death occurred and I arranged everything with you over the phone and by internet. You explained everything that I needed to know in a clear way. I felt very supported by your staff.
    Barbara L
  • I found Basic Funeral Services very easy to use. The Basic Funeral Team made a very stressful situation a little easier to deal with. I would highly recommend your services.
    Marisa P
  • Everyone I spoke with over the phone and email were so friendly and extremely helpful. They made the whole experience so much easier to deal with. I would recommend Basic Funerals to friends and family for sure.
    Natalie E
  • Everything was fantastic. Everyone involved were very professional and there to help out in every way - before, during the arrangements, the day of the memorial and afterwards.
    Christine F
  • Everything was handled in a timely and courteous manner from the time I made first contact until we were able to pick up my daughter's ashes.
    Patricia H

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