Cultural Funerals: Anglican Funeral Services

Anglican Funeral Traditions

Basic Funerals is proud to serve members of the Anglican Church of Canada. Our team of funeral professionals is experienced in all aspects of arranging an Anglican funeral service and is here to guide you through every step.

Beliefs About Death

Within the Anglican faith, there is a belief that the quality of the afterlife is based on how the deceased lived their life. Many Anglicans believe that faith in Christ is a fundamental aspect of assuring an eternal life with God. Without this faith in God, it is believed that one could be condemned to eternal death. Anglicans may also trust that on Judgement Day, Christ resurrects all those who believed in him and grant them eternal life with God.

What Happens After Death Occurs?

Priests of the Anglican church can be contacted as soon as possible after the death of an Anglican has occurred. Anglican priests are known to be very involved in an Anglican funeral service and will work closely with the family of the deceased and the funeral director during the planning of the service. The option of holding a viewing is entirely up to the family of the deceased and the Anglican faith gives complete freedom for the families to hold the viewing whenever and however they would like.

Is Cremation Allowed in the Anglican Faith?

Cremation is accepted by the Anglican Diocese. The cremation may take place prior to a memorial service or the cremation may take place following a traditional viewing and funeral service.

Views on Embalming

Embalming is acceptable by the Anglican church. It may also be necessary if the family of the deceased chooses to hold a viewing right before the funeral service.

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The Anglican Funeral Service

With the assistance of an Anglican priest, an Anglican funeral service is typically held within two or three days of the death occurring. Anglican funerals can be held at churches, funeral homes or at chapels on cemetery grounds. Traditional Anglican funerals would normally have closed caskets. If a family has chosen not to have the deceased’s remains present, a photograph may be placed at the front of the venue as a primary focus. The funeral can be its own service or be part of a larger service in which Holy Communion is taken by Anglicans that are present. The priest leads the service by reading scripture, while hymns and eulogies are done by family members or close friends. All guests are allowed to attend the interment after the service is done. During the interment phase, the priest would be reciting prayers as they commit the body or cremated remains to the earth.

Anglican Churches in Ontario


The Cathedral Church of St. James in Toronto

This beautiful cathedral is home to the oldest congregation in the city of Toronto. The cathedral has been around since 1853 and was one of the largest buildings in the city when it was built. It is one of the oldest churches in Toronto and has held many notable funerals such as the funeral of Ted Rogers.

Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa

This old cathedral has many features such as stained glass and an amazing interior. They also have promote excellence in sacred music and use an organ that can support a wide variety of hymns and sacred readings.


St. George's Anglican Church in London

St. George’s Anglican community is a growing community that is more than happy to invite members of the surrounding communities and provide them with services. They invite anyone who is interested to be a part of their community and join them in worship.