Cultural Funerals: Presbyterian Funeral Services

Presbyterian Funeral Traditions

Basic Funerals is proud to serve members of the Presbyterian Church. Our team of funeral professionals is experienced in all aspects of arranging a Presbyterian funeral and is here to guide you through every step.

Beliefs About Death

Presbyterians generally believe that when someone dies, they will experience eternal life. However the quality of this eternal life depends on the goodness of their life and their relationship with God. If they have not led a good life or had a bad relationship with God, then they would be punished with eternal life in Hell. While if they had a good life and kept a good relationship with God, then they would be awarded with eternal life in Heaven.

What Happens After Death Occurs?

When a Presbyterian is close to death, a pastor should be notified in order to be able to spend time with the family of the deceased and plan the funeral with them. The pastor will play a huge part in planning the funeral service if the family of the deceased chooses to have a traditional service.

Is Cremation Allowed in Presbyterianism?

Cremation is not widely supported by Presbyterian. The general preference is for bodies to be buried into the ground when they are still intact.

Views on Embalming

Presbyterians do not have a religious belief when it comes to embalming. However embalming is considered necessary if the family of the deceased decides to having a viewing of the body before the funeral.

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The Presbyterian Funeral Service

Families of the deceased can choose to have a viewing for the deceased before the funeral service begins. Eulogies are typically done during the viewing of the deceased as opposed to in the funeral service. Any non-religious rites should also be delivered during the viewing since the funeral service is considered a religious event. The funeral service includes prayers, readings from the Bible and hymns. Holy Communion is not celebrated, but it is sometimes appropriate depending on the time of year. Pastors can help with this part of the planning. If the casket is present at the funeral service, then it should be covered with a white pall which symbolizes baptism and serves as a reminder that everyone is equal in the eyes of God. After the funeral service is concluded, family members and close friends accompany the pastor to the burial grounds. The pastor would lead a brief graveside service and prayer, in which readings from the scripture and prayers are done. Finally the pastor would bless the body as it is being committed to the earth.

Presbyterian Churches in Ontario

Runnymede Presbyterian Church in Toronto

This church offers multiple services to the communities of the Toronto area. This goes along from providing worship services weekly to having Sunday schools for members of the community. The community of this church encourages anyone who might be interested to join them for a worship service and become a part of their community.

Knox Presbyterian Church in Ottawa

This church is part of a community that is in the heart of the city of Ottawa. They are committed to following the teaching of God and Presbyterianism and are more than happy to share it with anyone who is interested in joining them. The church offers worship services and other programs for the community surrounding it.