Executor Services


by Executor's Choice

What is FinalDocx®?

FinalDocx® is a service by Executor’s Choice to support the essential executor tasks. Their online tool automatically contacts agencies on your behalf to save you numerous phone calls and in person visits. The process also provides protection against identity fraud.

FinalDocx® Plus

FinalDocx® Plus is a service to support the Executor and assist them with essential settlement tasks. A representative from FinalDocx® Plus will set up a phone or video call between the Estate Administrator and a Licensed Estate Analyst. The representative from FinalDocx® Plus will help complete the FinalDocx® notification process, as well as offer guidance with any other estate settlements tasks.

How It Works

  1. Follow a secure link in an email prompt from FinalDocx®.
  2. Review the information uploaded on your behalf and digitally sign.
  3. Add any additional accounts or agencies you wish to notify; you will simply need an email or fax number.
  4. Click “File Case”

Who Gets Notified?


Levels of Support

Please see the chart below for a breakdown of options available to you in Basic Funerals’ various packages, or available a la carte for a fee.

Executor Guide FinalDocx FinalDocx Plus

Package Availability

Budget Package
Basic Package
Priority Package

Service Scope

Information needed to organize affairs
Online tools to make notifications easily
Specialist support throughout notification process

Cost (a La Carte)

Prices subject to HST INCL. $350 $495

Please Note: If you have already arranged this service through Basic Funerals you will receive an activation link directly from FinalDocx with no further action required on this page. The image link below will take you to an alternate way of purchasing the same service, without our involvement.