Fingerprint Keepsakes

Many families already know about urn jewellery options such as necklaces and bracelets. There are personalized items available that families are often not aware of:

  • Photo Frames
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Cufflinks
  • Pocket Knives
  • Zippo Lighters


To view the entire catalogue of options, click here.

You must let your funeral professional know that you would like fingerprints taken before it is too late!

We have only a short window of time to record and store fingerprint data during the funeral/cremation process, and we cannot record fingerprints without express permission.

During this difficult time with many pressing matters to attend to, we have found that items of remembrance do not often feel like a priority. If we do not take these steps at the beginning of the process, we would limit your available options before you have time to discuss the way that your family and friends may wish to memorialize the life lived.

At Basic Funerals, we are proud of our strict no up-sell policy. Our staff are trained to provide families with only what they need, without adding any unwanted services or products.

We are happy to have found a company with values akin to ours. They provide a service that offers keepsake options at a later time, with no obligation to purchase anything at all. Eternity’s Touch securely stores the fingerprints in their database nearly indefinitely, free of charge. They have no access to information such as the individual’s name, or any other information that could identify the fingerprint. They assign each anonymous fingerprint a unique PIN (Print Identification Number), which we provide to you by way of a one-time, no obligation email. This email outlines how to log into the website, enter the PIN, and design beautiful tributes with real-time images.

Should you not see value in any personalized products, simply delete the email or forward it to someone who might like to design something themselves. You will never be charged for items that other people create. Sharing the PIN with others only ensures that their chosen selections have the correct fingerprint engraved.

We believe that this is the only way to provide our families with the most choice surrounding personalized tributes, with no sales pressure whatsoever. We welcome any questions about this program.

For more information about the security of the stored fingerprints, and other frequently asked questions, please click here.