Long Term Cremation & Funeral Planning

Pre-planning a funeral or cremation service is one of the most important things you will do. It’s a simple process that offers tremendous logistical, financial, and personal benefits. Basic Funerals offers a range of support options to guide you through the steps of pre-planning for yourself or for a loved one.

Pre-Planning For Yourself

By pre-arranging your own funeral service or cremation, you’re giving your loved ones an incredible gift. You are making rational decisions that will go a long way in providing comfort to the ones you leave behind. In the days following a death, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with grief. Having one less thing to worry about is important.

Pre-planning is also a wise investment. By paying for a funeral or cremation now, you’re ensuring that the costs are fixed. Regardless of inflation throughout the years, the price of your funeral at the time of arrangement is locked.

Pre-Planning For a Loved One

Pre-arranging a loved one’s funeral or cremation service is a chance to discuss what matters the most. Knowing what their final wishes are eliminates the uncertainty that often accompanies death and ensures that their directives will be honoured. It affords all parties involved the chance to iron out details, safeguard finances, and protect interests.

Transferring Pre-Arrangements

If you have an existing pre-arrangement at another provider, you are free to transfer to another funeral home at any time. All funds deposited for a pre-arranged funeral are invested with a financial institution or insurance company. If you have any questions about your existing pre-arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact our licensed funeral pre-planner.

If you would like to transfer your pre-arangement to Basic Funerals, simply contact one of our Licensed Funeral Preplanners who will ensure a professional and uncomplicated transition.

Journey Home™ Travel Plan

The Journey Home™ Travel Plan offers peace of mind to frequent travelers. In the event of a death taking place more than 100 km from the place of residence, the Journey Home™ Travel Plan covers the cost of bringing an individual home. Depending on the place of death, the cost of shipping a person can cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

Whether you spend your winters in warmer climates, take frequent business trips, or simply want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re covered, this plan offers security for a one-time fee of $595.

Pre-Paying vs. Pre-Arranging

Pre-paying refers to paying upfront for funeral services. The funds will be placed into a trust or annuity account where they will remain until the death takes place. At the time of need, the funds will be released so that the services can be administered.

Once the services have been paid for in full, the services agreed upon in the contract are guaranteed (excluding disbursements). There will be no additional charges at any time. Any interest accrued will go towards covering inflation. Funds that remain will be returned to the estate of the deceased.

Pre-arrangement is the process of choosing specific services and planning them with Basic Funerals. This ensures that your final wishes are respected and provides guidelines to your loved ones. If you choose to pre-arrange without paying, it is important to know that today’s prices will not be guaranteed at the time of need.