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The Arrangement Process at Basic Funerals

The funeral arrangement process can be a trying time. Even straightforward arrangements become challenging when coupled with grief and high emotions. At Basic Funerals, we make the funeral and cremation arrangement process easier.

All of the funeral, burial, or cremation arrangements can be made online, over the phone, or in person – whichever you prefer. Everything can be handled from the comfort of your home or our staff can meet you in our offices or any other place that is convenient for you. If you need immediate assistance or you would like to begin the arrangement process by telephone, please contact us.

The Basic Funerals Process

The funeral arrangement process at Basic Funerals is as follows:

  • first contact with funeral coordinatorFirst Contact

    Call our customer service team to discuss the type of services that you and your family want.
    What to Expect
  • funeral price estimate Price Estimate

    We will give you an estimated cost and funeral plan based on your needs. No hidden or unexpected fees.
    Funeral Pricing
  • our process arrangementsArrangement

    We can make the arrangements online, over the phone, or in person- the choice is entirely up to you.
    Funeral Arrangements
  • our process transferTransfer

    We will transfer your loved one from the hospital, residence, or nursing home into our care.
    Transfer from Place of Death
  • our process care facilityCare Facility

    Your loved one will be kept in our secure, refrigerated facilities while we complete the necessary documents.
    Learn About Our Facilities
  • our process documentationDocumentation

    Documents for the government, coroner, and crematorium are completed and submitted on your behalf.
    Funeral Documentation Details
  • our process final dispositionFinal Disposition

    The cremation or burial takes place at the crematorium or cemetery. We coordinate all of this with the staff at those locations
    Learn More
  • our process death certificateProof of Death Certificates

    We will provide you with the Proof of Death Certificates needed for handling the estate.
    Learn more about Proof of Death Certificates
  • our process estateEstate Consultation

    Speak to an estate expert to make sure you are on the right track and to decide whether you require further assistance.
    Estate Information
  • our process griefGrief Support

    Should you require additional support to help you through the grief and bereavement journey, we can recommend professionals in the field.
    Learn more about grief counseling and support

For more information on the process of funeral arranging at Basic Funerals, contact us today.

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