Cremation & Funeral Arrangement Process

Taking on the task to arrange a funeral can feel like a burden. A loved one passing can naturally take a huge toll on a person. It helps for the family to be in contact with a reliable funeral home to make the necessary arrangements. Here are a few steps which people can follow in the event of a death:

What to do when Arranging a Funeral

  1. Call someone. Once your loved one has passed away, you will need to make the first call to get the body moved to the funeral home.
  2. Transporting the deceased. Initially the family will be faced with the first transportation of the body from the place of death to the funeral home. At the hospital the family will often be afforded time before their loved one is taken to the morgue. At a hospice or nursing home the family can often request to see their loved one before the funeral home arrives for the transportation.
  3. Begin to plan the funeral. A funeral comes with a variety of different decisions which the family is left to make. From flowers, to song choices, to caskets and how to bury the body, it can all be an extremely time consuming and challenging experience. Therefore, be sure to choose a funeral home who advises you of every option they have available in order to make your decisions easier.
  4. Making the cemetery arrangement. If your loved one does not have a reserved plot within a cemetery, and if you are choosing to bury either the urn or casket in a lasting place, you will need to find a space at a cemetery. Even when opting for the cremation option, you may want to bury your loved one’s ashes in a cemetery and will need to reserve a place for them. Basic Funerals can recommend a cemetery near by if you have not yet chosen one.
  5. Funeral products which are available. At the funeral home, take a look at the different caskets and urns they have to offer your family. If they don't have what you envisioned, do your best to ask the funeral director for more help. They can look into more options with their suppliers based on what you're looking for.

Make Your Arrangements Today

When arranging the funeral process for your loved one, be sure to depend on a reliable funeral home. Feel free to contact Basic Funerals at any time and we will assist you however we can. We aim to make the process easier on you and your family and will insure the process is hassle and pain free.

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