Funeral Documentation

What Documentation Is Required When Arranging a Funeral?

When arranging a funeral, a variety of funeral documentation is required. Most of the documents will be taken care of by the funeral director. They will register the death with the registrar at the local city hall as well as handle the required paperwork with the coroner.

In the case of cremations, certain forms must be completed in order to apply for authorization from the coroner and crematorium. The funeral home will ensure that these documents are completed.

couple signing funeral documentation

Basic Funerals Makes Funeral Documentation Simple

Knowing what funeral documentation is required when arranging a funeral can be challenging. At Basic Funerals, we understand that your priority is to spend time with your family. In order to make the documentation process go smoothly, we will manage it on your behalf.

Basic Funerals will complete the death registration, coroner’s cremation certificate, and all of the cemetery and crematorium paperwork. We will ensure that this process unfolds quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on the funeral arrangement and service.

To learn more about funeral documentation and what we require from you, contact us at Basic Funerals today.