Final Disposition

What Does the Final Disposition Stage of the Funeral Planning Process Involve?

The final disposition stage of the funeral planning process is when we transfer the deceased to the crematorium or cemetery for burial or cremation. This time can also be used to say a final good bye to your loved one, should you choose. A funeral director will ensure that the funeral or memorial service is coordinated to align with the burial or cremation day for the convenience of those who would like to be present.

Cremation and Burial Services at Basic Funerals

At Basic Funerals, we believe that having a formal ceremony the day of cremation or burial should be a choice. If you would like to host a formal send-off for your loved one, we will coordinate with your chosen cemetery or crematorium as well as handle all necessary documentation. Our belief is that you and your family should be able to focus on the important act of saying good bye.

The final disposition process also provides the opportunity for a final viewing of the deceased. To learn more about our funeral planning or cremation arranging services, contact us at Basic Funerals today.