Burial of Cremated Remains

Have you considered the burial of cremated remains? If you have chosen cremation for your loved one when arranging a funeral then you will need to think of the ideal resting place too. Many choose to keep the ashes or remains of their loved one in an urn while others prefer to pay more public tribute to their loved one by burying the remains.

A crematorium will typically provide your loved one’s remains within a plastic bag which is stored in a cardboard or plastic box called a temporary urn. These urns are absolutely ideal for an in-ground burial. Burying the remains within the temporary urn in-ground is a suitable and affordable way of providing a permanent resting place for your loved one in a grave site. There is also the option of choosing a more elegant urn to be stored in an urn storage vault. When speaking with your funeral director you will also learn there are eco-friendly and biodegradable urn options to choose from too.

Funeral home plots are the ideal resting place for burying urns and it always advised to ask your funeral director about the various restrictions on urn burial and which urns are considered suitable for burial within a plot.

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Ask Basic Funerals for Help with Selecting a Final Resting Place

At Basic Funerals, we offer families a variety of final resting places to choose from. Our funeral consultants and advisors will make sure you are provided with all the information you require about the burial of cremated remains, to ensure the decision making process is made simpler for you.

To learn more about our various urn options ideal for burying and to learn more about the burial of cremated remains of a loved one, contact us at Basic Funerals today.