Burial Plots

Buying the right burial plot is important if you want to make sure there is a convenient resting place for loved ones and family members to pay tribute to and visit the deceased. You will have a number of options when it comes to the type of plot to buy and how you pay for it when planning the burial of a casket or cremated remains.

The location of the plot and whether it meets with your family’s religious beliefs and requirements will affect where you purchase a burial plot. Factors which affect the cost of your plot include:

  • Where the plot is located within the cemetery.
  • The type of plot you purchase.
  • The number of plots you purchase at one time.

Cemeteries Offer Four Types of Burial Plots as Ideal Resting Places

  • Single plots – these are designed to cater for the remains of one deceased person in a casket.
  • Companion plots – these are two plots sold together which are designed to cater for two individuals in one resting place – usually couples. The plots can be either side by side or a double depth plot can be provided for the caskets to be buried on top of each other.
  • Family plots – these are quite popular to pre-purchase for a family. Most cemeteries allow for families to purchase an area of the land to cater for each member of the family.
  • Cemetery plots for cremated remains – cemeteries allow for cremation urns to be buried alongside caskets. These urns take up less space and so often more than one urn can be buried in a plot.
  • Urn gardens for cremated remains – cemeteries often offer a dedicated landscaped area called an urn garden which is ideal for the burial of cremated remains.

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