A crypt is a type of burial resting place, however it is distinct from burial plots. Crypts are burial spots designed to house a casket in a stone or concrete chamber. You may encounter crypts built into the walls and floors of cathedrals and churches. In 600 A.D. it is said that crypts were built beneath church floors such as in the case of St. Peters Basilica in Rome.

In this day and age, lawn crypts are popular resting places. These are pre-installed vaults that are built that cater for single or double burial in a cemetery lawn space. If family members want to be buried together, lawn crypts can be designed to cater to several double depth vaults laid horizontally.

above ground crypt resting place

Why are Crypts a Popular Resting Place Option?

When comparing the various resting place options you are bound to seek out the option that is the most affordable and the most dignified. You will want to create a permanent place for loved ones and family members to visit and pay tribute to the deceased in years to come. Crypts are a practical, dignified and affordable option. Crypts are out of ground burial options and can be especially affordable if you choose to have the crypt located in the outer walls instead of within the mausoleum. While you will need to pay a nominal fee for entombing and sealing the crypt and for a tombstone or monument to be created and erected, you will save in the following ways:

  • No purchase of a burial plot.
  • No actual sealer casket required.
  • No opening and closing fees.

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