Basic Funerals: Our Cremation & Funeral Arrangement Team

Eric Vandermeersch

Founder and CEO

When Eric set out to create Basic Funerals, the most important aspect was always providing affordable and meaningful services to families. Starting out in a small town funeral home, he has the benefit of classic training coupled with his honest, innovative ideas. Eric is constantly working to improve the services we provide. He is also a vocal advocate of healthy eating and active lifestyle choices.

Basic Funerals is real. We have real people that work here and serve real people that need help through a tough time. We're not scripted or fake. Our staff is amazing.



Kamilah’s years with Basic since 2011 were born from happenstance. The position was recommended to her by her former colleague, our pre-arrangement specialist, Robin. Kamilah’s energy and detail-oriented nature make her an absolutely essential member of the team. She provides the structure and drive that allows our staff to be so cohesive and well-coordinated.

We’re family focused, not sales focused. The transparency and lack of pressure is refreshing.


Director of Operations

Dave has been working with Basic Funerals since we were first established in 2009. A close friend of the owner, Eric Vandermeersch, he was glad to lend his knowledge of technology and business to such an exciting new branch of the funeral industry. His favourite part of working with Basic is simplifying the funeral process and making it accessible to the online community: “Our families are visiting our website at a very confusing and emotional time, so if I can make the experience a little bit easier I feel good about that.” The internet, and the marketing industry, are constantly in flux, Dave finds joy in the ever changing aspects of his job.

I like that we are able to provide the best service in the industry while still being affordable. I like that we are able to make the process easier by letting the family arrange from home if they choose.


Licensed Funeral Director

Stephanie is the newest member of the Basic Funerals team having started near the end of 2014. She became interested in the funeral industry after attending university for fine art and art history, “I wanted to do something different and intriguing, and funeral service gave me that opportunity.” What Stephanie likes most about Basic is the ‘family focused’ approach “after working in large corporate funeral homes I like feeling that I’m providing a service to families, not just making a sale.”

I’m grateful to be a part of a team that is so dedicated to providing families with exactly what they need. Basic Funerals’ honest, no pressure approach is what really sets us apart.


Licensed Funeral Director

David has been with Basic since 2010. He stumbled upon the profession of funeral directing while pursuing his interest in art and science. He found his customer service background aided him in communicating with families. “That aspect came very naturally to me.” He appreciates the day to day variety and hearing from families served in the past.
The team atmosphere is great. I appreciate that there’s no pressure to sell more expensive services or merchandise.


Licensed Funeral Director

Bart has been part of the Basic team since 2013. He became interested in the funeral industry looking for a job that provided practical tasks and allowed him to be of use outside of the office. His customer service background helped prepare him for the interpersonal aspects of the job. His calm demeanor has proven an excellent trait during arrangement sessions with families. He is also fluent in Polish.

I like that we provide affordable services to families. Death affects everyone; everyone should be able to afford it.


Licensed Funeral Preplanner

Robin, who prides herself in being “hyper-organized,” has been our established pre-arrangement specialist since 2011. She had often been told that working for a funeral home would be the perfect job for her, but she never properly considered it until the passing of her father. After relocating back to Canada after many years in the US, her search for the “not so typical” lead her to us. Robin often meets with her clients in their own homes; this allows her to get to know them and hear a few of their stories. That’s her favourite part.

I totally believe in what Basic Funerals stands for. We’re providing an amazing service for our customers and our whole team works well together and truly care about the families we touch.


Managing Director

Patrick has been working with Basic Funerals since 2011. As a licensed funeral director since 1995, Patrick considers working in funeral service as more of a rewarding way of life, than a career choice. With kindness, honesty and unwavering patience, Patrick feels honoured to help and support families when they need it the most.
Basic Funerals is a company that prides itself on its transparency. I take great pride in Basic Funerals' mission to provide families with the services and products they need at an affordable and reasonable price.


Licensed Funeral Preplanner

With the families we serve, Tania is generous with her time and feels very privileged to assist families either during their time of need or with their long term planning. Tania also is passionate about reaching out to the community and educating others about the importance of discussing death and funeral planning. Her compassion, kindness and quick wit have a way to make families feel comfortable, valued and at ease.
Basic Funerals' honesty and forward-thinking is reflected in its daily operations and staff's positivity. We strive to educate, empower and graciously serve our families.


Funeral Director Assistant



Web developer






Funeral Director Assistant


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