Director of Operations

I like that we are able to provide the best service in the industry while still being affordable. I like that we are able to make the process easier by letting the family arrange from home if they choose.


Managing Funeral Director

We are lucky to have the team of dedicated, caring staff that we do. It allows us to serve families in their greatest time of need. We operate efficiently, while never cutting corners, which allows us to offer an incredibly reasonable price for any type of service requested. When we are asked “Why is your name ‘Basic’? Your level of service is anything but!”, it makes us feel good about the work that we do. We are here to serve, and honoured to be chosen to.

Eric Vandermeersch


Basic Funerals is real. We have real people that work here and serve real people that need help through a tough time. We’re not scripted or fake. Our staff is amazing.


Funeral Director

Basic Funerals is a company that prides itself on its transparency. I take great pride in Basic Funerals’ mission to provide families with the services and products they need at an affordable and reasonable price.


Licensed Funeral Preplanner

I totally believe in what Basic Funerals stands for. We’re providing an amazing service for our customers and our whole team works well together and truly care about the families we touch.


Funeral Director and Team Lead

I’m grateful to be a part of a team that is so dedicated to providing families with exactly what they need. Basic Funerals’ honest, no pressure approach is what really sets us apart.


Regional Manager

Basic Funerals’ honesty and forward-thinking is reflected in its daily operations and staff’s positivity. We strive to educate, empower and graciously serve our families.