Cremation & Funeral Options: Graveside Service Pricing

Graveside Services

A graveside service offers families to gather for a final time prior to burial. The service, which can be a part of a traditional funeral or a standalone ceremony, is held at the cemetery or mausoleum and often includes a clergy person or appointed celebrant to say a few words or prayers. Following the service, the casket or cremated remains are lowered into the grave or placed into the niche.

funeral burial graveside service casket

Final cost for a graveside service typically starts at $3,050 – $5,050 depending on your location and options. Please phone our staff or fill out a Quote Request for an exact amount.


Standard Services

Professional Arrangement
Transfer from Place of Death
Additional Staff for Transfer (if required)
Facilities for care of deceased
Coordination of Documents
Removal of Pacemaker (if required)
Transfer to Cemetery
Proof of Death Certificates 10
Death Registration

Additional Items for Graveside

Staff for Graveside Service
Funeral Coach
Funeral Officiant
Executor Services (recommended) +$395