Funeral & Cremation Services: Memorial Options

Memorial Planning Guide

Use our Memorial Planning Guide to inspire ideas, keep yourself organized, and create a wonderful memorial service on your own, or with the help of our dedicated team.

Memorial Services

Memorial services offer families the opportunity to honour and pay respects to their loved one. Unlike a traditional funeral, memorial services do not include the presence of a casket but focus instead on an urn or other tribute. Memorial services can be tailored to all tastes and budgets, making them a popular choice among families. Basic Funerals is here to arrange a memorial service for you and your family. See Memorial Service Pricing Details
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Planning a Memorial

We offer a broad range of memorial service options and are here to help you through the arrangement process. When you contact Basic Funerals to plan a memorial, we will ensure that you understand all of the choices available to you and will guide you every step of the way.

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Memorial Service Options

A wonderful way to commemorate a loved one, memorial services and celebrations of life can take place at any time following a death. Families have the opportunity to customize the service, allowing them to tailor the event in a way that best suits them.


The location of a memorial service can be as unique as the person it honours. Families can hold a service in a funeral home, a place of worship, a private residence, an outdoor space, or any other spot that holds special meaning to them.


Memorial services do not need to follow a formal structure. It is up to the family to decide how they wish to organize the event. Some may choose to incorporate cultural or spiritual aspects into the service which is something that we at Basic Funerals can help you with.


Memorial services commonly feature tributes to a loved one. Families may choose to incorporate flowers, photographs, music, and personal items that represent the person that they are celebrating. Following the service, some families may decide to host a reception. This gathering can take place at the same venue as the memorial or in a restaurant, community centre, or residence.


Because memorial services aren’t as time sensitive as traditional funeral arrangements, families are welcome to take as long as they need to plan the event. The added flexibility of a memorial service ensures that there is plenty of time to consider all options and make the decisions that best suit those involved.

We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you plan the perfect memorial service. Contact us with any questions or to begin the memorial service arrangement process.