Cremation & Funeral Options: Memorial Pricing

Memorial Services and Celebrations of Life

Many of our memorial services are held at funeral chapels are cemetery properties. Please tell our staff what area you would like to hold a service and about how many people will attend we will recommend the best venue.

Memorial services can also be held at a place of worship, community centre, restaurant, or other public space. Families may also choose to hold the memorial at a private residence, an art gallery, or any other place that holds special meaning.

Final cost for a memorial service with urn present typically ranges from $3,350 – $4,250 depending on your service package and options. Please phone our staff or fill out a Quote Request for an exact amount.

Budget Basic Priority

Standard Services

Professional Arrangement
Transfer from Place of Death (24/7 if required)
Additional Staff for Transfer (if required)
Facilities for care of deceased
Coordination of Documents
Removal of Pacemaker (if required)
Transfer to Crematorium
Cardboard Cremation Container
Pre Filled CPP Forms
Online Obituary

Additional Services

Proof of Death Certificates 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Final Docx®
Basic Urn
Final Docx® Plus
Average Process Timeline 7 days 7 days 3 days

Additional Items for Memorial

Staff for Memorial
Chapel or Hall Rental
Clergy or Celebrant
Stationery Package

Disbursements and Taxes

Death Registration
Coroner’s Certificate
Cremation Fee