Cremation Service FAQs

Understanding the Process of Cremation and How to Go About It

At Basic Funerals, we understand that the cremation process can feel overwhelming, especially during a time of emotional stress.

We hope that by providing you with some information about cremation, you are able to feel confident in understanding the process. If you can't find the answers that you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

Cremation Definitions

Below are some common terms you may come across throughout the cremation process:

The rapid oxidation of the deceased through the application of intense heat and flame reducing the remains to bone fragments (not ashes) within a few hours.
Direct Cremation
This is the simplest form of funeral service available and also the most cost-effective. This type of service provides the basics- a cremation without a traditional funeral or memorial service.
Memorial Service
A memorial service takes place following a cremation, usually with the urn present. A memorial service can be as simple or elaborate as the family wishes it to be.

FAQ About Cremation

1What Is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation refers to a cremation service without visitation or funeral. In the instance of a direct cremation, the deceased is transferred from the place of death in a cremation casket and transported to the crematorium. Prior to this taking place, an arrangement form must be completed in order to fulfill requirements from the government and coroner. A funeral director will ensure that all of these forms are filled out correctly.

Because direct cremation does not include any additional services, it is the most economical option.

2How Can You Be Sure That You're Cremating the Right Person?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Because a direct cremation does not include a visitation or traditional funeral service, it follows that people wonder how we ensure that a funeral home has taken the right person into their care.

The identification process begins at the place of death. Depending on the location, doctors, nurses, porters, bed control, admitting, and health records teams all work together to complete required documents and forms. The deceased cannot be released until all paperwork has been processed.

In a hospital, each team member uses a patient's health card information to create a tag to be used following a death. These tags are placed with the deceased and must match the hospital wristband information.

When our staff arrives at the hospital to transfer the deceased into our care, we carefully check all the forms of identification on the deceased to make sure they correspond to the names provided to us by the family. This is done in the presence of a security guard or porter to make sure we are transferring the correct person. In addition to the security measures put into place at the hospital or long term care facility, funeral homes and crematoriums follow strict protocol. Should you require additional reassurance, you can choose to identify the deceased prior to the cremation or to witness the process.

3What is Identification?

For many, it's important to see the deceased one last time and say their final goodbyes. We always honour a family's wishes and offer the option for an identification at the time of cremation.

Should you feel uncomfortable viewing the deceased but would still like the reassurance that comes with identification, you can provide the funeral director with a photograph so that they can make the identification for you. If you are uncomfortable viewing the deceased, but would still like to identify him or her, a photo can be provided to the funeral director who then can make the identification for you. You can also provide the funeral director with information about specific identifying features (birthmarks, scars, tattoos, etc). It's important to us that you feel confident throughout the entire cremation process.

4Am I Required to Identify My Loved One Before Cremation?

No, we would never ask you to do something that you're uncomfortable with. We appreciate your right to remember your loved one the way that you want to.

5Can I Witness the Cremation?

Witnessing the start of the cremation is something that we are able to accommodate, provided that we are given sufficient notice. Please note that in some instances, a crematorium will require an additional fee for a witnessing service.

To learn more about our cremation services, contact us at Basic Funerals today.

Robin was awesome to deal with and answered all of my questions. I only wished I know of basic funerals when I was pre arranging my mother's. I was told all sorts of lies by a funeral more
joann guenette
20:04 06 Sep 18
Robin was very professional, knowledgeable, organized and helpful. Great customer service! Thank you.
Louise Viersen
20:40 20 Aug 18
We decided that we wanted to make our pre-planned funeral arrangements and had the pleasure of speaking to Robin. She sat down with us, and clearly outlined all of our options. She reviewed earlier cemetery arrangements with regard to our family plot and what we still required. We are both pleased and relieved that everything is in order and that the Executor of our estate will only have to call one more
Soosy Q
19:29 24 Jul 18
Excellent customer service! Excellent prices! Convenient payment plans. Could not ask for more!
Jaden Winfree
20:08 21 Jun 18
I prearranged my own funeral all on line including payment muss no fuss....a great experience
John O'Hearn
19:38 24 Apr 18
Robin was very helpful!!! I feel very happy knowing my arrangements are done as per my wishes. This will be so helpful to my family when my time comes to depart this earth!read more
Sandra Stubbs
12:49 09 Apr 18
I contacted Basic Funerals & Cremation to pre-arrange services for my mother. I initially reached out for an appointment by email and received a very prompt reply. I set up the appointment via an email exchange and met with Robin at Basic F&C the following week. It was a very straightforward process and Robin went to great lengths to to explain and simplify the various options. I highly recommend Basic F&C for the ease of contact, arrangement and more
Rick Pringle
17:09 28 Mar 18
Very happy with their professional service. Quick to respond with any questions or concerns. Would highly recommend this company to anyone needing their service .read more
Gail Adamson
20:34 07 Feb 18
Convenient and respectful. This is the second time my family has used Basic Funerals and Cremations Choices. The first was 5 years ago when my father passed away and this time was for my brother. I didn't deal with Basic with my father's arrangements but my step-mother did and recommended them and honestly, I don't think I'd use anyone else moving forward. When we had word on my brother's terminal illness, I called 3 places to get quotes on the cremation he wanted. Let me preface this by saying that my brother said a Celebration of Life was acceptable but he didn't want a viewing or funeral so a cremation is what I was researching.Since this was my first time arranging such services, I had no idea what to expect. The first place (a local funeral home) quoted me $4000, so now I had a starting point. The second place (a local cremation facility) quoted me $1000 (wth? talk about a price difference!) but then stated I had to involve a separate "funeral home of my choice" for transfer services (huh?) and lastly I called Basic.Unlike the other two places I had called, Basic Funerals and Cremation Choices took the time to explain everything to me and offered to email me a quotation that contained all of the details. They offered me various packages to choose from depending on my needs and told me there was no pressure to decide now-I could decide when the time came. The three packages were Budget, Basic and Priority (I chose Priority and would recommend it for the slight price difference). They also confirmed that there would be no additional charges beyond what I was quoted (and there wasn't!).Unfortunately, it was a very short time after this call when their service was needed. I made the call to Basic and they took care of everything. They were incredibly professional the whole way through. From the initial phone call, to the follow-up call when my brother passed, to the young gentleman that came to deliver my brother's ashes and even follow-up calls, these people are top-notch.Basic Funerals and Cremations Choices took the worry out of making the arrangements. I have started recommending their service to friends and family and told my husband this is what I him to do want when my time comes.I'd like to end my review with a sincere thank you to Basic Funerals and Cremation more
Connie P.
14:15 05 Feb 18
I was in need of immediate service and Basic Funerals were very helpful and right there tending to my request. The staff were very helpful and attentive to our needs. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone, thank more
Don Mascarin
01:51 12 Jan 18
Our family lost a member who lived in Ontario while most of us are in Newfoundland. This could have caused a lot of confusion and extra expense that we did not need at this difficult time. Basic Funerals was amazing to deal with. Fast, clear, informative, inexpensive, and respectful of our wishes. We got the cremains in plenty of time for the funeral, as well as everything else we expected. I HIGHLY recommend Basic Funerals for anyone during this difficult more
Communication was exemplary...clear, quick response times, helpful. I also appreciated the professional yet senstitive approach each person I spoke with had during our difficult time. One thing I very much appreciated was NO attempt to upsell whatsoever. Any tiny suggestion to get more money I would have not used their services and they never once did...very impressed by that.I was helped by David, Natasha and Kamilah and I was very happy with their customer service...I would highly recommend Basic more
Evangelina Coleman
19:47 12 Nov 17
My Mom had a prearranged plan with Basic Funerals at my recommendation. I found them on the internet and my Mom prearranged everything back in 2011. When my Mom passed we contacted Robin who was her Prearrangement Specialist and was extremely helpful from start to finish. I highly recommend Basic Funerals. Thank you so much Robin and staff for all your help at this difficult time!!!read more
Sandy J-Lee
18:13 12 Nov 17
Very helpful. Compassionate.
Nadine Kyle
13:59 12 Oct 17
Representatives on the phone and in person were so courteous, efficient and straight forward. It was a very difficult time for my elderly parents, and they made it so much easier and in ways enjoyable. Thank you Robin ans Stephanie for such professionalism ! The price is very affordable, no frills and up-selling. Highly more
Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic
02:02 11 Oct 17
Prompt response. They understand and listened to your needs. Robin was extremely professionnal, caring and understood what I wanted in regards of my dad's pre-arrangements. It feels good to be understood. Robin was great and went above and beyond to provide me with a great service and no surprise in regards of the pricing.GREAT PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE.I would recommend highly BASIC more
Johanne Coshall
15:20 09 Oct 17
Basic Funeral and Cremation Choices was the right choice for my mother's cremation. I contacted Jessica a few days before the time and she provided a quotation after a few minutes on the phone. The quotation was exactly what we were looking for. The price was reasonable. Jessica was on site for the cremation and everything went as planned. I would highly recommend Jessica and her more
Ravi Aggarwal
16:13 05 Oct 17
Jessica, was wonderful She took her time walking my family through our options. The detailed information she provided was priceless. Guiding us through a very difficult time. This was the second time using her services. I'd definitely use Basic Funerals and Cremations again. Also considering prearrangement of my own aftercare services. Offering my family peace of mind that my wishes were already thought out and paid for!Louise Kruegerread more
Louise Munro
02:36 05 Oct 17
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