Funeral & Cremation Service Documentation FAQs

FAQs About Funeral Documentation

At Basic Funerals, we understand that the funeral documentation required can be confusing and complicated. That’s why we make sure that we take care of everything for you. Whether you have questions about the process or would like more information about the details, we hope that this FAQ might be of help. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Funeral Documentation Definitions

We have put together some definitions that we hope help clarify the funeral arrangement process:
Registration and Documentation
The preparation of legal documents for the purpose of registering with the Province of Ontario and the delivery of permits and documents as required by law.

FAQs About Funeral Documentation

In order to carry out a burial or cremation, there are some forms that require a signature from the deceased’s Next of Kin or Executor.

Statement of Death

This document contains information about the deceased such as SIN, date and place of birth, parent information, etc. It is required by the government in order to register the death and contains information used by Statistics Canada. This document requires your signature, or if you sign a Letter of Direction, a funeral director can sign on your behalf.

Cremation Application Form

This document, like the Statement of Death, contains information about the deceased and is required by the crematorium. It is important to read through and understand the important information that is provided about cremation. This form requires your signature for permission to cremate, or if you sign a Letter of Direction, a funeral director can sign on your behalf.

Cemetery Information Sheet

If you are arranging a burial, you may be required to complete a Cemetery Information Sheet. This form asks for information about the deceased, the owner of the plot, and about any existing burials.


The contract itemizes all the services that will be performed and their costs. It also lists any merchandise that you have purchased as well as disbursements. It is imperative that you and the funeral director, or transfer service operator, sign this document because without it, we cannot serve your family. Both the family and the funeral home (or transfer service) require a contract signed by all parties.

Letter of Direction

Basic Funerals is unique in that we offer our families the option of working with us over the phone or via email throughout the entire funeral arrangement process. To do this, we require your signature on a Letter of Direction, a form that authorizes the funeral director to sign documents on your behalf. By signing the Letter of Direction, you allow us to take care of all the documentation, making the process as easy as possible for you.

Proof of Death Certificate

A Proof of Death Certificate is provided by the Funeral Home and is required for settling estates. Families often require between 10 and 20 certificates.

We are often asked to provide the cause of death to the family and unfortunately we cannot provide this information. When a death takes place, the attending physician provides a Medical Certificate of Death. Because this form is a medical document, it is considered confidential. Should you wish to obtain a copy of the medical certificate, you can submit a request through the government.

If the death occurs or is registered outside of Ontario, your funeral director will be able to explain the procedure required for applying for certified copies of the medical certificate. Please be advised that it often takes up to 12 weeks, depending on which government you are applying to.

For more information about funeral documentation, please contact us today.