The Grave Woman

The funeral industry is changing. Catapulting that change are women like The Grave Woman, Joél Simone Anthony. She is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but is making waves all over the United States with her alternative approach to funeral service. We had the pleasure of speaking with her and learning more about her work.
Joél Simone Anthony
Joél Simone Anthony is a licensed Funeral Director and Sacred Grief Practitioner. She has worked in the funeral industry for over a decade. Her work is enriched by her spirituality and diverse background of Gullah and Geechee culture. The farming and fishing traditions, folk beliefs, music, art, cuisine, and storytelling of the Gullah and Geechee culture all have strong influences from Central and West African cultures preserved and cherished by descendants of those enslaved to work on the plantations in Georgia and South Carolina.
Working in Death Care
Working in a traditional funeral home lends Joél the privilege of serving many families, primarily those of Black American or Muslim faith. Like us, she feels privileged to serve such a diverse community. Being exposed to different cultures and faiths helps broaden one’s views and is a good exercise in acceptance and caring of others. It’s truly an honour.
The Grief Kit
During the pandemic, Joél was inspired to put together a product and service that would help people navigate their grief. The Grief Kit is a perfect care package with all the tools derived from nature to guide someone through their grief journey. There is also accompanying literature and an opportunity to book a consultation. To learn more about The Grief Kit, click here.
Courses for Funeral Professionals
In addition to lending her expertise to families in her care, Joél also creates an abundance of resources for other death care professionals in the forms of courses, social media content, and literature. If you’re interested in courses highlighting grief, professional conduct, or honest conversations about racism, we welcome you to visit The Grave Woman’s Courses.
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In our conversation, Joél was charismatic, kind, and willing to talk about what brought her to funeral service and how death has touched her personally. She is a true delight. We encourage families and others in the field to follow her on various social media outlets.