6 Reasons to Have Music Play an Integral Part of Your Funeral

One of the most prominent parts of any funeral or memorial service is the music. Whether religious practice is present or not, music’s significance is universal. Here are the top 6 reasons to have music play an integral part of your service:  1. Music is a meaningful way of honouring our loved ones.  We often associate music with recollection and remembrance. Choosing pieces of music that reflect the life, interests, and hobbies of a person is an eloquent way to personalize the service. If you’re having a difficult time choosing music, check the deceased’s personal music library or ask others for input. They may able to recommend hymns, instrumental pieces, or some contemporary songs. 2. Music is actually good for you. When we listen to music, dopamine, a feel-good neurochemical typically associated with pleasure, is released. Music is mesmerizing and it changes moods and attitudes. Music can reduce tension, anxiety, and pain. Good music can also regulate your pulse and heartbeat as well as relieving nausea and easing depression. 3. Music is associated with memories and emotions.  Listening to music during a time of loss can help us recall meaningful moments. Strong connections are made to music – its lyrics, its performers, its significance. Taking the time to listen to music can give us a chance to reflect and the opportunity to process our feelings. 4. Music is a ‘Companion to Grief’.  Music can accompany us throughout our journey through grief as a way of remembering our loved ones. It can help us process feelings about the passing of a loved one when our own words just seem inadequate. Music allows us the time to listen and reflect, perhaps giving us an appreciation for life. 5. Music is a Communal Experience.  In life and death, families and friends come together to celebrate. Music allows groups to come together with one purpose, one focus. Music can be observed by listening as an audience, singing as a congregation, or even performing together. 6. Music is Even Better When it’s Live.  Do you have any musicians in the family? Inviting them to perform a meaningful piece could offer a time for healing and an increased amount of personalization during service time. Hiring a professional musician can also add a great deal of artistry to the service. Live music has the power to evoke emotion in a way that no USB drive can. Consider a talented vocalist, an authoritative bugle, or a heavyhearted cello. Their expertise will offer sophistication to a sentimental day.
Music is a vital part of honouring our loved ones and helps us process our feelings. When we grieve, our thoughts are often hard to unfold naturally. Music gives us structure, a way to manifest our mourning. Looking for more musical ideas? Visit our blog post about Perfect Funeral Songs.