Why Pre-plan Your Funeral?

Generally speaking, people tend to avoid talking about their funerals. After all, confronting your own mortality isn’t the stuff of cocktail party conversation. Despite all this, there are tremendous benefits to prearranging your funeral, provided that you do it right. We really believe in the importance of preplanning- read on to find out why .

You’re in Control

By prearranging your own funeral services, you can ensure that your final wishes are respected. Often, in the emotional days following a death, it becomes hard to make decisions or come to agreements. By taking the time to decide how you’d like things to play out, you’re saving your loved ones the stress of having to guess. Do you want to be cremated? Would you like a traditional service? These are the things to know ahead of time.

You’re Saving Money

Prearranging your funeral saves you money. It’s as simple as that. When you pay for your funeral ahead of time, you’re saving your family from significant financial stress. When prearranging, the money that you spend is put in trust where it remains until the time of need. The money will always be portable and will always be refundable. Any interest that is accrued goes towards paying for inflation and should any funds remain after the services have been rendered, they will be returned to your estate.

You’re Helping Your Family

The death of a loved one takes a serious toll. Why make a difficult time even harder on your family? Prearranging your funeral service ensures that at the time of your death, your loved ones can spend time together, not fussing over price lists and casket selection, something that goes a long way in providing comfort

You’re Getting Expert Advice

Death is a monumental (and inevitable) part of life. It’s important to make informed decisions, to understand your choices, and to know where your money is going. Working with a licensed funeral preplanner, you can be confident that you’re receiving expert advice from a professional in a relaxed, unhurried environment. You can ask questions, weigh your options, and discuss any concerns that you may have without feeling any pressure. This goes a long way in providing peace of mind, something that you’re bound to be grateful for. For more information about preplanning your funeral service, don’t hesitate to contact us.